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What is this site all about?

We’ve developed a webplatform that enables a group of people to collaborative work on the creation of a Guitar SongBook. Groups of people can add songs, edit them, transpose them, and review them without having to wait for one another. When everything is added, the system automatically creates a beautiful designed PDF, complete with extensive indexes, based on title, biblereference, etc. A few adjustments are all that is needed before sending it to a professional printer.

This platform was designed for our Christian Student Union C.S.R. Delft, that needed a new designed SongBook. It was awesome to do, and more importantly, if you are looking to start such a project yourself: SongBookDesign.com can help!

Our Service Offering

We don’t really have a concrete offering yet, since we are still looking into making the system more flexible for other users.

But we are planning to offer the following services:

  • WebPlatform for collaboratively creating a Guitar Songbook
    • Support for multiple users working on the same songbook.
    • Edit, Review, Categorize Songs.
    • Add extra meta-data for songs, like bible verse references, that optionally also get included in the index.
    • Create songs with the ChordPro notation standard: no hassles with positioning chords above lyrics, incompatible Word-Documents, etc. Easy, precision formatting of songs.
    • Automatic generation of general index.
    • Automatic generation of additional indexes: Bible-References, Origin, Category and Your Custom Index
    • Automatic generation of PDF Songbook, according to a design template.
    • Easily create additions to previous versions: indexes, song-numbering, etc. are all automatically handled.
  • Design
    • Design of custom design templates.
  • PrePress Preparation
    • Prepare the created SongBook so that the printer will accept it.

If you are planning such a project, feel free to contact us for information. We have a lot of experience and sure can tell if our system can help you with your project. Since we’ve build the system ourself, it’s very customizable. Have a special need? We probably can provide it.

Pricing etc. are currently not available. But we do this because we enjoy doing it. So, don’t hesitate if you are low on budget!

If you are planning a new professional guitar songbook for your church, you are especially invited to contact us, since our experience is based on such a  project.

Example Output

Check the following PDF examples for what you can expect as result.  Note that all the examples were generated dynamically by the system based on the songs of the Hemelsbreed-songbook. There was no manual editing or design involved in any way. The marking on the end of every page is not visible in the real output.

SongBook Example (HemelsBreedBundel Template)

Indexes Example (HemelsBreedBundel Template)

SongBook Example (OpwekkingsBundel Template)

SongBook Example – Text Only (OpwekkingsBundel Template)

Indexes Example (OpwekkingsBundel Template)

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